San Francisco

Golden Gate City // San Fran // Fog City

24.08.15 – 28.08.15 // Second Stop

San Francisco; the home of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz Island. The city has so many sights and I fell in love as soon as we arrived. We were lucky enough to arrive to beautiful blue skies meaning a clear view of the Golden Gate bridge which is usually covered in fog! Although we didn’t get a chance to see Alcatraz island, we could see the prison from most of the popular attractions as it’s located in the middle of the sea. A great way of seeing the city is on a tour bus, I cannot recommend this enough as you see all the main attractions. Some of my favourites were Lombard Street, Union Square, and the famous painted ladies. Lombard Street or otherwise known as ‘The Crooked Road’ is located on the top of a very steep hill with an incredible view of San Francisco. It’s always entertaining watching cars manoeuvring down this road as it’s so windy and steep! Another must for San Fran is Sausalito; a small and very cute island situated the other side of the Golden Gate bridge with a great view of San Fransisco. One thing you can’t miss in San Fran is the cable cars, they are a great method of transport around the city, it’s as easy as hopping on and off, and avoids climbing the very steep hills of San Fran. We decided to ride the California line which is the oldest cable car in the city which cost $7 dollars.
Top Tips for San Francisco
– Buy a Big Bus ticket – San Fran is very hilly!
– Visit the Golden Gate bridge
– Take a ride on the cable cars
Next Stop – Las Vegas!



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