The home of the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame.

02.09.15 – 06.09.15 // Fourth Stop

Los Angeles; what another great city to visit. The must-see things in LA have to be Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and Venice Beach. One of the best ways to experience Beverly Hills is via a tour bus as you get a guided tour of famous celebrity homes, we bought the Starline ‘Movie Stars Homes Tour’ tickets which picks you up right outside the Chinese theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. As we were on the tour bus, we also drove through Rodeo Drive which is famous for its lavish shops and luxurious hotels, the street is so ‘Instagrammable’ with its palm trees and shop windows. So, without a doubt Griffith Observatory has the best view of LA and we arrived just as the sun was setting which was beautiful and orange. You have a clear view of the Hollywood Sign in the distance and also the whole of the city down below. Once we knew we were visiting LA, we absolutely had to visit the Warner Brothers studios as this is where Friends was filmed (favourite show). I would recommend this to anyone as it’s so interesting to see how TV sitcoms are filmed and such a cool experience to go backstage on TV sets. Of course, the whole reason we were there was to sit on the famous Friends ‘Central Perk’ set, it was such a surreal experience and being huge Friends’ fans one we will never forget!
Top Tips for LA
– Walk along the hall of fame
– Visit the Griffith Observatory at night
– Go to the Warner Brothers studios
– Visit Venice Beach for muscle beach
Next Stop – San Diego!


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