Canals // So-called coffee shops // Red Light District

07.09.17 – 10.09.17

Netherlands was the perfect little city break for Mum and I; we stayed in Haarleem at our friends house as she lives over there and we spent one day in Amsterdam. Haarlem to Amsterdam is about 20 minutes on the train, however the day we visited Amsterdam it absolutely chucked it down with rain! Luckily for us Amsterdam has a vast amount of museums you can visit, and we’d been recommend the Body Worlds museum which is an anatomical exhibition so that was our first stop. The museum was quite creepy but so interesting, it was like going back to school learning about the human body! Another museum we had to visit was the sex museum; this was an experience, especially with my mum haha! I don’t need to explain what the museum consists of but lets just say it’s definitely a laugh! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any more museums but I will definitely be returning in the near future! One final thing we had to see before heading back to Haarlem was a quick pit stop to the Red Light District, it really was a pit stop as you soon realise how weird it is – enough said! Our second day in the Netherlands was back in Haarlem and finally the weather had improved! The cities are very similar with the pretty canals and houses so we spent the day walking around seeing the sights. It was such a lovely break and I will definitely be returning.
Top Tips for Amsterdam
– Visit as many museums as you can
– Try a coffee shop for a laugh
– Walk through the Red Light District at your own risk

Netherlands September 2017-31Netherlands September 2017-66Netherlands September 2017-82Netherlands September 2017-78Netherlands September 2017-98


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