The city of love

30.04.16 – 02.05.16

Our visit to Paris was to celebrate our 2-year anniversary and we stayed in the Hotel Derby Eiffel on 5th Avenue. Our balcony had a great view of the Eiffel Tower (as requested) and was only a short walk away from the famous landmark. Paris has so many sights to see, we only had four days there but managed to see as much as possible. The day we arrived, we explored the area we were staying in and discovered the most incredible bagel shop to have lunch called Bagelstein (highly recommend!). The next stay was our anniversary so we decided to visit the Eiffel Tower and bought tickets to the summit. It was so unbelievable high but so worth it, the views are absolutely amazing as you can expect! Our form of transport for the few days was the Big Bus, we have used this in so many cities to get around, it’s so easy to hop on and off! Other places we visited whilst there was the famous Louvre, Sacré-cœur and Arc de Triomphe. The Louvre was unfortunately shut the day we visited as it was a Sunday, nonetheless it was still a great landmark to see. On our final day we visit the Sacré-cœur which is a famous Roman Catholic church. We embarked on the thousand steps you have to climb before reaching the Church, and then stupidly decided to climb all the steps inside as well! The views are worth the climb as you see another angle of Paris different from the Eiffel Tower. Paris is so beautiful and has so much character, I absolutely loved our small getaway and would recommend it to anyone!
Top Tips for Paris
– Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (unreal views)
– Walk up the Sacré-cœur for more views
– Find a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower

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San Diego

San Diego
America’s Finest City

06.09.15 – 09.09.15 // Final Stop

San Diego was the final visit on our USA travels and what a beautiful place to complete our trip! We stayed in the Blue Sea Beach hotel located right on the Pacific beach. As we had been travelling for just over 3-weeks, San Diego was a chance to chill out and sunbathe for the first time. This was a chance to reflect on the most incredible trip of our lives; the places we had seen and the unforgettable memories. I will never forget my time in America and I’m so lucky to have experienced so many places in such a short space of time! All we did in San Diego was eat, drink, and of course take photos of the amazing sunsets. Queue photos…




The home of the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame.

02.09.15 – 06.09.15 // Fourth Stop

Los Angeles; what another great city to visit. The must-see things in LA have to be Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and Venice Beach. One of the best ways to experience Beverly Hills is via a tour bus as you get a guided tour of famous celebrity homes, we bought the Starline ‘Movie Stars Homes Tour’ tickets which picks you up right outside the Chinese theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. As we were on the tour bus, we also drove through Rodeo Drive which is famous for its lavish shops and luxurious hotels, the street is so ‘Instagrammable’ with its palm trees and shop windows. So, without a doubt Griffith Observatory has the best view of LA and we arrived just as the sun was setting which was beautiful and orange. You have a clear view of the Hollywood Sign in the distance and also the whole of the city down below. Once we knew we were visiting LA, we absolutely had to visit the Warner Brothers studios as this is where Friends was filmed (favourite show). I would recommend this to anyone as it’s so interesting to see how TV sitcoms are filmed and such a cool experience to go backstage on TV sets. Of course, the whole reason we were there was to sit on the famous Friends ‘Central Perk’ set, it was such a surreal experience and being huge Friends’ fans one we will never forget!
Top Tips for LA
– Walk along the hall of fame
– Visit the Griffith Observatory at night
– Go to the Warner Brothers studios
– Visit Venice Beach for muscle beach
Next Stop – San Diego!


Las Vegas

Las Vegas
How ’bout that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Sin City.

28.08.15 – 02.09.15 // Third Stop

I have never experienced a place like Las Vegas; the bright lights, the gambling, and the humidity. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with 40 degrees heat which was unbearable. We stayed at the Wyndham Grand Desert curtesy of a timeshare just off the strip. Due to the heat, we spent most days around the pool relaxing. An absolute must for Vegas is visiting all the hotels on the strip in the evenings, each one has their own theme, casino and nightlife. My favourite hotels were the Venetian, Bellagio and Caesars Palace. The main reasons being the punting at the Venetian, the fountains at the Bellagio, and well, of course where they filmed the Hangover at Caesars Palace. The highlight of my trip was definitely the Grand Canyon helicopter tour, this was my first time in a helicopter and was absolutely unreal – albeit with a ridiculous hangover from the night before. I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting the Grand Canyon as it’s an unforgettable memory and the best view of the Nevada.
Top Tips for Vegas
1. Visit all the hotels
2. Book a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon
3. Take extra money to lose in the casino
4. Take suncream everywhere as it’s rarely below 30 degrees
Next Stop – LA!

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San Francisco

San Francisco
Golden Gate City // San Fran // Fog City

24.08.15 – 28.08.15 // Second Stop

San Francisco; the home of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz Island. The city has so many sights and I fell in love as soon as we arrived. We were lucky enough to arrive to beautiful blue skies meaning a clear view of the Golden Gate bridge which is usually covered in fog! Although we didn’t get a chance to see Alcatraz island, we could see the prison from most of the popular attractions as it’s located in the middle of the sea. A great way of seeing the city is on a tour bus, I cannot recommend this enough as you see all the main attractions. Some of my favourites were Lombard Street, Union Square, and the famous painted ladies. Lombard Street or otherwise known as ‘The Crooked Road’ is located on the top of a very steep hill with an incredible view of San Francisco. It’s always entertaining watching cars manoeuvring down this road as it’s so windy and steep! Another must for San Fran is Sausalito; a small and very cute island situated the other side of the Golden Gate bridge with a great view of San Fransisco. One thing you can’t miss in San Fran is the cable cars, they are a great method of transport around the city, it’s as easy as hopping on and off, and avoids climbing the very steep hills of San Fran. We decided to ride the California line which is the oldest cable car in the city which cost $7 dollars.
Top Tips for San Francisco
– Buy a Big Bus ticket – San Fran is very hilly!
– Visit the Golden Gate bridge
– Take a ride on the cable cars
Next Stop – Las Vegas!



New York

New York
 The Big Apple // The Concrete Jungle // The City That Never Sleeps

21.08.15 – 24.08.15 // First Stop

New York is one of those cities you just have to visit. We were lucky enough to stay in Times Square at Hotel Edison amongst the hustle of the city life. One of the best ways to see the city is up the Rockefeller Centre or Empire State Building as you can see for miles. I would highly recommend the Rockefeller Centre just as the sun is setting as the views are absolutely incredible (picture above says it all). I think we saw just about everything New York had to offer; curtesy of the ‘Big Bus’ tour, you have the choice of 3 routes and you can hop on and off as many times as you like! If you are new to a city, getting a guided tour bus is a no-brainer as they are so informative and such a easy way to get around the city. One sight we had to visit was the 9/11 memorial. The first time I ever visited New York was in 2004 which was three years after the Twin Towers disaster and they were still in the process of clearing the area. I’m so glad we visited the memorial as it’s such an emotional and beautiful place to be. Another perk of having the ‘Big Bus’ tickets was being able to hire bikes and ride them around Central Park, we hired them for 3 hours and it was such a laugh!
Top Tips for New York
– Buy a Big Bus ticket to see the city (you won’t regret it)
– Hire bikes around Central Park
– Find a rooftop bar
– Take a boat trip around the Statue of Liberty
Next stop – San Francisco!

Flat Iron BuildingBrooklyn BridgeAmerica-210.jpgTimes Square